An exciting new development in Coopers Beach

Jack Sutton is a patient man. He had eyes on the piece of land he’s transformed into Hunter Estate for twenty years, and when it finally came on the market he snapped it up within a week. He had a vision: a gentle cascade of perfectly flat sections, beautifully contoured, overlooking neighbouring Taumarumaru Scenic Reserve and having easy access to Coopers Beach just footsteps away.

A resident of the Doubtless Bay area for four decades, Jack completed his first development — 10 acres in Mangonui — in 1981. Over the following decades he’s learned a thing or two about creating quality residential developments, and the high-end, gated Hunter Estate represents the culmination of that hard-won experience. 

Hunter Estate

Every detail in this development has been considered and perfected, from the aesthetic — exposed aggregate hardscaping and native plantings of miniature toi-tois and Maori Princess Pohutukawas will frame the site — to the practical — such as minimalist solar bollard lighting, underground service connections, sound-absorbing panel walls along the roadway, and thorough geotechnical reports for each individual section. 

Jack has been onsite personally almost every day throughout the process, making changes in real time and ensuring every aspect of the project comes together exactly as he had envisioned it. The huge machines sculpting the land are monitored remotely by computer and their work is accurate to within a 5mm tolerance. We’ve observed a lot of developments over the years, and this is the most rigorously designed and engineered we’ve ever seen.

The site is also rich in history. Its nickname, the “Horse Paddock,” is by no means random. Earthworks have turned up over 12 horseshoes, all around 120 years old. They’ve even found pieces of exquisite Kauri gum — one large lump (shown below) is dated around 80-150 thousand years old. All have been carefully preserved. And the name of the Estate is itself a nod to history. Ralph Eden Hunter was one of the original landowners in the area. His company, Hunter Properties, bequeathed the piece of land that is now Taumarumaru Reserve to the Crown for use by the local community, and it was from his great grandchildren that Jack purchased the land for the Estate. It’s a proud legacy, and one that has been honoured by the care and attention that has gone into every aspect of this special development. 

Hunter Estate comprises 22 lots, 600—620 sqm, and ranging in price from $525,000 to $695,000. To find out more, visit the website or contact Michael on or 029 406 1289.



One of the many beautiful pieces of ancient Kauri gum salvaged from the site.