Julie Walford (Phone 021 272 2305)
Julie Walford
Office Manager

Julie Walford

For Julie, life is a journey, and an opportunity to continually learn along the way.
It provides constant self-discovery not only for herself but her surrounding environments like work, home and the community she lives in.

Her focus is on creating a ‘Less is More’ approach to enable an easier, safer path for everyone.
Julie enjoys implementing processes, ensuring systems are effective and loves working behind the scenes.

She is now stepping out of her comfort zone to get ahead. Gaining knowledge from other business professionals, and using technology to deliver a more focussed, customer centric approach, with a higher level of professionalism.

While her passion is for delivering a safe journey for clients, she knows the importance of her work lifestyle balance so she spends her time relaxing with her family on their boat, exploring the coast and walks that the Far North has to offer.